'Peer Group Pleasures'.   H 30cm x W 30cm.   $75

'The First to Love'.    H 53cm x W 43cm.    $75.           sold out

'The 40 Year Reunion at the Blue Train Cafe'.    H 30cm x W 30cm.    $100.

'The Latest Toy' .   H 30cm x W 30cm. $85

'Bad Dog Woofa'.   H 73cm x W 53cm.   $130

'How to Relax'.    H 28cm x W 20cm.    $65

'The Birdwatchers of Wattle Creek'.   H 42cm x W 21cm   $85

'Backyard Summer'.    H  40cm x W 42cm.    $130

'The Compassionate Heart'.    H 30cm x W 24cm.    $80

'70 Years Old and 50 Years Married'.    H 43cm x W 29cm.     $100

'Lying Down'.   H 22cm x W 25cm.    $70

''A Purrr...fect Afternoon'.    H 30cm x W 30cm.    $90

'Sam and the Dwarves'.    'Swinging Hannah'    H 49cm x W 23cm.    $90   

'Bill and the Fish Tank'.   H 14cm x W 19cm.     $50   

'The new Boots'.    H 25cm x W 32cm.   $50

'Hairy Legs'. Colour.   H 42cm x W 34cm.    $100

'Saki and Marie      H 39cm x W 50cm.    $100

'Backyard Summer- Trial'    H 20cm x W 30cm    $70

'Hairy Legs'.    H 42cm x W 34cm.    $70

'Volunteers of the Pacific'.   colour     H 39cm x W 50cm.    $140

'Mobile Crazy'    H 30cm x W 30cm     $85